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Best Funny Messages For Happy Diwali

The history of Diwali is replete with legends and these legends are moored to the stories of Hindu religious scriptures, mostly the Puranas. Though the central theme of all legends point out to the classic truth of the victory of the good over the evils, the mode of their presentation and the characters differ. Diwali, being the festival of lights, lighting the lamp of knowledge within us means to understand and reflect upon the significant purpose of each of the five days of festivities and to bring those thoughts in to the day to day lives.The first day of Diwali is called Dhanvantari Triodasi or Dhanwantari Triodasi also called Dhan Theras. The second day of Diwali is called Narak Chaturdasi. It is the fourteenth lunar day (thithi) of the dark forthnight of the month of Kartik and the eve of Diwali. On this day Lord Krishna destroyed the demon Narakasur and made the world free from fear. The third day of Diwali is the actual Diwali. This is the day when worship for Mother Lakshmi is performed. On the fourth day of Diwali, Goverdhan Pooja is performed. The fifth day of the diwali is called Bhratri Dooj. It is a day dedicated to sisters.

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Cute Messages For Happy Diwali :

The Story of Rama and Sita: Lord Rama was a great warrior King who was exiled by his father Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshman, on his wife's insistence. Lord Rama returned to his Kingdom Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, in which he put an end to the demon Ravana of Lanka, who was a great Pundit, highly learned but still evil dominated his mind. After this victory of Good over Evil, Rama returned to Ayodhya. In Ayodhya, the people welcomed them by lighting rows of clay lamps. So, it is an occasion in honor of Rama's victory over Ravana; of Truth's victory over Evil.The other story concerns King Bali, who was a generous ruler. But he was also very ambitious. Some of the Gods pleaded Vishnu to check King Bali's power. Vishnu came to earth in the form of a Vamana(dwarf) dressed as priest. The dwarf approached King Bali and said "You are the ruler of the three worlds: the Earth, the world above the skies and the underworld. Would you give me the space that I could cover with three strides?" King Bali laughed. Surely a dwarf could not cover much ground, thought the King, who agreed to dwarf's request. At this point, the dwarf changed into Vishnu and his three strides covered the Earth, the Skies and the whole Universe! King Bali was send to the underworld. As part of Diwali celebrations, some Hindus remember King Bali.

Top 10 Funny Messages For  Diwali :

1 Husband drunk, came to home
  Wife at door: how dare you…..?
  You promised me that you
  did not drink without any occasion,
  then why you drunk today?
  Funny husband: darling, the festival
  of crackers diwali is coming..!!
  Wife: so what ? What’s new in that..?
  Husband: we need bottles to light rockets dear.

2 I’m maachis & you’re pataka,
  together we are & it will be double dhamaka…!!

3 With my 1 heart, 2 eyes, 7 liter blood
  206 bones, 4.5 million red cells
  60 trillion D.N.A’ s…
  All wishing you a very very
  Happy Deepavali 

4 Aapke life mein mithaas ho “Cadbury” jaise
  Rounak ho “Asian Paints” jaise
  Mehak ho “Axe” jaise
  Tazgi ho “Colgate” jaise
  Aur tension-free rahe “Huggies” jaise…..!!!!
  Happy Diwali to All  

5 Ur Eyes Patakha, Ur Lips Rocket,
  Ur Ears Chakari, Ur Nose Fuljari,
  Ur Style Anaar, Ur Personality Bomb,
  SMS Karo Varna I’m Comin With Agarbatti.

6 On this diwali, I am sending you a diya of my   love,
  I hope you will keep it lighted forver.

  Happy Diwali!!

7 Charo our hai dhoom, kyonki Diwali hai aayi,
  khush raho aur sab ko khush karo,
  Aapko aur apke sampurn family ko Diwali ki Hardik    badhai..

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Funny Messages For Depawali :

Lord Vishnu in his 8th incarnation as Krishna destroyed the demon Narkasura, who was causing great unhappiness amongst the people of the world. Narkasura was believed to be a demon of filth, covered in dirt. He used to kidnap beautiful young women and force them to live with him. Eventually, their cries for rescue were heard by Vishnu, who came in the form of Krishna. First, Krishna had to fight with a five-headed monster who guarded the demon's home. Narkasura hoped that his death might bring joy to others. Krishna granted his request and the women were freed. For Hindus, this story is a reminder that good can still come out of evil.